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Coconut – Carrot Cakes

Real artisan style cakes Always 100% organic No artificial ingredients or preservatives Convenient biodegradable packaging. 6 frozen cakes per box. Gluten free!   Brain Food: Made with gluten free flour…


Local, Organic, Fresh

Our produce is as fresh as it gets. Most of our produce gets to us less than 24 hours from harvest (the majority of our ingredients come from right here in Florida). We are organic not only in ingredients but also in process. No nutrient decimating processes here, just a little patience, a lot of love, and a whole lot of organic goodness.

Our Kitchen to Yours

Easier than ordering a pizza, you don't even have to be home when we deliver. We can deliver your order in a foam cooler with dry ice so your order stays frozen until you get home. Homemade has never been so easy.

I never make my son eat anything without tasting it, so the first time I ordered food from Num Nums I taste tested everything.  To my delight, not only is the food organic and healthy, it is DELICIOUS.  Num Nums has somehow managed to make Broccoli and Spinach appealing to a toddler (and I, as well as many of my friends, admit to stealing some of the carrot-cakes for ourselves). The customer service matches the quality of the food – they are always there to answer my questions and have been so accommodating. Delicious, organic, healthy baby food delivered to my door – you can’t beat that!

- Jenny, Attorney and mother of Matthew, 1



We deliver twice a week,
on Wednesdays and Saturdays,
to the following zip codes:

  • 32751 (Maitland)
  • 32789 (Winter Park)
  • 32814 (Orlando)
  • 32803 (Orlando)
  • 32804 (Orlando)
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